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Custom Setting and Smithing

The following are a few examples of custom work I have done over the years on commission.

If you'd like me to set one of my stones in a piece made just for you, please use the Contact page and drop me a line so we can discuss options!


Tracy's Aqua

In a way, this was an easy one--the setting is one of my favorites, and I had cast one for an earlier ring. The client said, "I want this aquamarine in that setting." Sure! I had cut the aqua in Charles Covill's Americana design, and it was a sparkler. The ring was cast in Argentium™ Sterling silver.


Garnets en Cabochon

A client had found some garnets on a family vacation, and wanted them set in jewelry for his wife. I advised him that they would look best cut as cabochons ('cabs'), since they were very dark. Even the darkest garnet, though, shines like a dream with the right polish. A simple bezel setting in Argentium™ Sterling silver set them off well. 



What's the big deal about this setting? Absolutely nothing. Sometimes a simple setting is all you need to let the eye focus on a well-cut stone.